I am curious about an investigation of portraiture and how to display identity, I attempt this through costume-wearing as a role searching process. My work previously was themed in creating a narrative of scandals in the catholic church. The content is ambiguous in the sense of understanding who is the accusers, violators, and victims in my portraits. This was symbolic of the Vatican covering their immoral crimes from the publics’ eye. My research material was on an individual case that comprised of cardinal Carlo-Maria Vigano accusing cardinal Theodore McCarrick of over 20 years of child molestation and money laundering. My process was searching photographs of these individuals to reference and translated into other mediums such as drawing, printmaking, and painting. However, my artistic expression went so far, and due to my reference material being access to the public (receiving imagery from the internet), it took away the uniqueness of my artistic practice. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and being quarantined, my art has adapted to moods of; therapy, isolation, and detachment. I seek for happiest, resorting to pervious routines such as looking at masterworks and taking on the role of my imagery by wearing costumes. Wearing a custom made cardinal robe and attempting to behave as a cardinal assisted me in taking on its character. It is only through this character building process can I genuinely feel I am creating the reference for my desire image. After posing in front of a camera, the photograph gets translated into pencil, chalk, pastel, and ink drawings. It is my intention to communicate emotions to my viewer through portraiture that references abuse of power in the Catholic church, however my art is only active until my viewer approaches my portrait.


Oil on Wood Panel 20" x 16" 2020

Vigano Wall Installation

Wood Engraving Print, Drawing, Writing on Wall, and News Article

Cardinal Robe

Oil Paint on Canvas 48" x 36" 2020


Oil Paint on Canvas 20"x 16" 2020