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DANIEL DONATO is interested in the investigation of self-portraiture display in the theme of corruption within Catholicism. His artistic practice involves studying the Old Masters of the Italian Renaissance and using art history to create iconography in gazes, gestures, and objects. Along with this, he wears costumes as an in-process performance to better understand the psychology of his subject’s mind. Previously, his artwork was exhibited at East End Arts Gallery, Mills Pond Gallery, The Gateway International Painting Completion, Sunwood Estates, Stony Brook University, Gallery North, Sayville Library, Viridian Arts, and Suffolk County Community College. He is currently working towards his M.F.A. and teaching at Stony Brook University. He received his B.A. from Stony Brook University. He received two Associate degrees from Suffolk County Community College and Island Drafting and Technical Institute. He lives and works in Long Island, New York.

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