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Artist Statement

I like creating giant figures. As a first-year M.F.A., I wanted to create works that fit the scale from floor to ceiling.

I created (17) 96”x 42” male figures dressed in classical drapery. On the walls, these works surround my viewers with an installation, where I want my audience to feel significantly smaller when sharing the same space with my work. I want my viewers to contemplate what are the figures doing? Why is the artist drawing large figures in drapery? Why do they overpower the viewers?

I draw with Conte chalk, on warm-colored rolls of paper. I use the same materials for each figure because I want to reference Renaissance drawings. -How the cost of paper was high and there was not a lot of paper available for artists and they used it sparingly, drew multiple figures on the same sheet of paper. -And I think it is interesting that Museum collectors collect master drawings and are considered valuable, and I juxtapose with my drawings and buying paper today.

I main goal is to play with perspective and challenge its boundaries. Using symbolic suggestions through my mark-making application I challenge questions. What is finish, verses unfinished? Is idealized still portrayed in 2019 (Muscular Men with togas)? And what does it mean to make pictures that resemble characters from the Florence, Italy 1500s? My space, my works, and my viewers are to be all frozen in a specific time and place.   

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